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All three Bills have now made their way to the Senate where they will go through three votes and a study at a committee before receiving royal assent.

Making Smoothie
Bill C-208

Creating equality for business owners selling to family

Bill C-208, if passed in the Senate will allow small businesses owners to receive the same tax treatment when selling their operation to a family member as they would when selling to a third party.

Child In Hospital Bed
Bill C-210

Making it easier to sign up to be an
organ donor

If passed in the Senate, Bill C-210 would make signing up to be a donor much easier by allowing Canadians to sign up to be an organ and tissue donor on their annual tax form.

Memorial Red Rose
Bill C-220

 Compassionate care leave extension for more time to mourn

Bill C-220, if passed in the Senate, Compassionate Care leave will be extended up to three weeks beyond the death of a loved one, to give people the time they need to mourn.

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