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Work in the House of Commons

I am honoured to serve in the role of Associate Shadow Minister for Finance and Middle Class Prosperity (Affordable Government) on Pierre Poilievre's team!

The cost of government has gotten too expensive for Canadians under the Trudeau Liberals. This government needs to be held to account for its out of control spending and that is exactly what I will do in this role.

It's time to bring home lower prices by ending inflationary debt and deficits that drive up inflation and interest rates.
The Finance Minister can’t even answer basic questions about our country’s finances.
Justin Trudeau wants you to think that Canadians have never had it so good. Listen to what the director of the Ottawa food bank has to say.
We have a Prime Minister who doesn’t know what’s going on in his office. This is something that should concern all Canadians.
I've seen this Liberal government break A LOT of promises. But never before have I seen the government make a promise in a budget and then break that promise in the same budget.
Budget 2023 continues Justin Trudeau’s record of higher taxes and inflationary deficits. Conservatives demanded that Budget 2023 end the war on work and lower taxes for workers, end inflationary deficits that are driving up the cost of goods and remove gatekeepers to increase the building of homes for Canadians.   
Economists say massive government spending has led to higher interest rates.
 What does the governor of the Bank of Canada think of this question? 
While Canadians can barely afford to make ends meet because of inflation the Liberals say “Not our fault.”
“If the deficit spending had been half of that — $250 billion instead of $500 billion — would inflation have been less today?”
Bank of Canada: “Yes.”
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