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Summer 2023 Recap


For most people, summer is a time to kick back and relax. But for politicians, summer is a time to kick it into high gear. The very purpose for politicians is to represent their constituency, and we cannot do that without visiting just about as many people as we can in our community. I see summer as the very best time to do that, and I sure covered a lot of ground these past few months.

It was great meeting with Member of the Knesset, Yoel Hasson, Tzach Borovich, as well as Gustavo Zentner and Adam Levy from the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg.

Heritage Day 2023 at the Historical Museum of St James- Assiniboia Bonita! It was great to watch the Highland and Indigenous Dancers. My yoyos were a hit with everyone too!

I am honoured to have been able to speak at this years Canada Day citizenship ceremony at Assiniboine Park. I would like to extend a sincere congratulations to all those who have officially become a part of our Canadian family today. What a great day to become a citizen!

Productive meeting with the Association of Manitoba Municipalities and my Manitoba Caucus colleagues discussing pressing priorities related to infrastructure funding and public safety.

Had a blast at the Manitoba Filipino Street Festival with my Conservative colleague James Bezan.

Thank you to the fantastic board of directors at "Manitoba Filipino" for organizing this amazing event.

It was a great night at the Philippine Independence Ball commemorating the 125th anniversary of Philippine Independence! Manitobas Philippine community is now 100,000 strong!

Had a great tour of the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre with Pierre Poilievre and Larry Maguire. Thank you to Scott Oake and Greg Kyllo for the incredible work you do everyday helping people recover from substance abuse.

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